Wellness Oasis you should check out!

I recently visited a great wellness centre that I just had to tell you about.

The Soul Centre tucked down a long driveway off Huia Road in Titarangi is a hidden gem that anyone wanting to take a pause from the busy pace of Auckland life should know about.

This little wellness oasis was set up by Wilhemeena Munroe whose aim was to create an environmentally friendly space offering a holistic approach to well-being that aligns body, mind and spirit. Somewhere you can enjoy weekly classes, weekend workshops, monthly programs, teacher training opportunities and lifestyle packages which integrate dance, art, creativity, organic living and spirituality into everyday life.

And certainly as you make your way along the tree lined drive way towards the Soul Centre there is an instant feeling of calm that takes over.  From the setting to the staff and the amazing therapies on offer, the whole place has a very serene relaxed feel and you know whatever you are there to do it will be good for your soul.

The Soul Centre therapy rooms are on the ground floor of a big old historic home which is situated on in beautiful lush grounds.  The therapy rooms in the grand old home have period features so high ceilings and wooden floors which adds to the feeling of space.

The purpose built yoga studio to the side of the house has windows that look out over the bush/wild garden setting, so you feel like you are practicing close to nature especially when the windows are open.

I met with Wilhemeena the owner/director of the Soul Centre who told me a little about some of the great things they offer.  Everything from yoga to cranio-sacral therapy, pilates and dance to massage and counseling.  They have holistic sports training, journal clubs, workshops, wellness lectures, cranial education sessions, chi-kung courses and much more. All their treatments can be used to enhance a full body-mind program or on their own for a unique, tranquil experience.

Wilhemeena has also set up something called “the School of Love” which is a program where members agree to practicing random acts of kindness for a year.  The motto is ‘do things with passion or not at all, wherever you go, go with all your heart, no regrets just love’.  Members of the School of Love get together once a month to discuss what they have done and the impact that they have had on their lives and others.
I didn’t get a chance to try any classes or therapies while there this time, but I am really looking forward escaping out west to the Soul Centre in the future to try some of the great things that this little wellness oasis has to offer.