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Mothers Day Competition

by Suzy Stichbury May 10, 2015

Mothers Day Competition

We had some fantastic entries into our mothers day competition to win a beautiful Wellicious Yoga Outfit and Wellicious Relaxation Tea.  

We asked you why mums are the best - here are some of the answers we loved:

  • Because you love your children unconditionally, no matter what they do or who they become you would literally die for them.  Jessica from Avondale
  • You never need to ask them to be there they just are. Tracee from Picton
  • Because we know how to deal with ever situation that is put in front of us! Emma from Mt Maunganui
  • Because we love, laugh, discipline, be good examples and cuddle well! Sarah from Waikanae
  • They are there for you no matter what. and are the greatest friend. to ever have. Tess from Keperra
  • Because they love you unconditionally. Jane from Manukau
  • To talk to, to tell your greats news to and your said news, to comfort you when you are sick, because they understand you! Jacqui from Wellington
  • Because they love you unconditionally! Judy from Papatoetoe
  • They truly has the hardest job... no-one can prepare you for it. But it is very very rewarding. Michelle from St Heliers
  • Because its the hardest but most rewarding job that comes without a know how manual, it is the only job that gives you experience of all jobs possible, chef, electrician,builder, plumber, nurse, taxi driver, lecturer/teacher, police women, and cleaner. Tammi from Carterton.
  • Because she was calling me every week when I was in New Zealand and you just feel good and save that far away from home. Even when she is on the other side of the earth she can make me feel good!!!! :)))! Christine from Germany
  • There is no better creation in the world than a MUM, they are angles on earth! Julie from Maraetai
  • They are always there when you need them the most. Tiara from Hastings Cos they will love you unconditionally Cherokee from Hastings
  • Because mum can make everything great! and she is warm. Michelle
  • Because they are always there for you :) Heena from Avondale
  • Because they love us no matter what! Brooke from Wellington
  • They carry you for 9 months, and when they have you your their everything and are always there:) Sarsha from Papakura
  • There love is unconditional John
  • Because they are always there when you really need them to be! Frances from Pukekohe
  • When all they want is to protect you from all the harm in the world, they find a way to encourage and nurture your independence.  Kim from Dunedin
  • I strive to do my best and juggle life so every1 gets what they need and want. CK from Waitakere
  • She gave birth to me :-) Paula from Levin
  • As they are there 24/7 for us all. Vicki from Christchurch
  • Mums are not JUST mums, but carers, nurses, cheauffers, teachers, magicians, chefs, and maids! Rebekah from Hamilton
  • They always have time to listen and hug. Karen from Tuatapere
  • As no matter what w ethink, they are always right. Lisa from Wellington
  • Their love is always with you, even when they aren't. Dianne from Dunedin My mum is the best person I know she been there for her 6 children ,6 grandchilden watched over us while we give birth.most off all she looked after her dieing mum before she passed away 1, 1/2 ago .now is looking after her dad you mum..always Kiri from Hamilton
  • They are the teachers of life. Daryl from Ellerslie
  • There for you always 24/7 Jackie from Kaiwaka For the never ending love they give Sheree from Porirua
  • Because they bring life into this world. I love my mum. Josh from Onehunga
  • Because mum's can and do, do everything Tracey from Te Atatu
  • Because she taught me everything I know Sariah from Massey
  • They are our first teacher, leader and protector. Mums deserve the BEST :) Larisa from Manurewa
  • Mums are the best because they love you unconditionally. Sue 
  • Mums always forgive their children no matter what they do wrong and they will stand by them and only think of the good in their child. Helena from Takapuna
  • They always put your needs above there own. Veronica from West Harbour
  • They are always there when we need them & they love us unconditionally. Amanda

Suzy Stichbury
Suzy Stichbury


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