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The Horary Cycle and the bodys natural rhythm

by Suzy Stichbury November 14, 2016

The Horary Cycle and the bodys natural rhythm

The Horary Cycle is based on ancient Chinese medicine and divided the day into 12 different periods based on the sun’s motion through the sky. Each period is 2 hours in length and can do wonders for excellent health based on tuning in with each rhythmic cycle. Each period parallels one of the 5 zang/6 fu energies within the body.

Following are explanations of each period and why they are fundamental to exceptional health.

  • Zi Period/11pm-1am

This period is associated with sleep. Making sure to be asleep during these hours will link you with good rest in a time that your body knows it should be sleeping.

  • Nui Period/1am-3am

The liver is most active at this time and toxins are best filtered from the body at this time. To cleanse your body as you should, it is important to be restful in these hours. Those that stay up during these hours will have more issues with liver disease and other illnesses.

  • Yin Period/3am-5am

This time period is known as “peaceful dawn” and when we find yin and yang energies coming into balance. This is the best time for measuring the pulse as this time most accurately takes the correct pulse in accordance to each individual.

  • Mao Period/5am-7am

It is this period where the large intestine is the most active and when we should drink a glass of warm water to clear the body of all accumulated toxins. It is excellent for those who find themselves consistently constipated and is the ideal time for eliminating waste from the bowels.

  • Chen Period/7am-9am

This is the time to nourish our bodies and when our stomachs are most active. Eating proteins at this time is very beneficial for our energy and digestive tracks.

  • Si Period/9am-11am

It is during this time where your brain is the most active which makes it an excellent time for work or study. It is governed by the spleen, which is directly linked to the stomach, and it is important to have eaten a healthy breakfast in order to harness as much energy from this period as possible.

  • Wu Period/11am-1pm

Here we are transitioning from Yang to Yin energy. Governed by our heart center, it is important to eat a light lunch and take a rest during this time so we may gain as much energy possible to continue our day.

  • Wei Period/1pm-3pm

Here is where the energy of our small intestine is the most active and when the nutrients are digested from the food we have eaten throughout the day. It is important during this time to drink warm water to help with blood flow and protect the blood vessels from the stress of nutrient rich blood.

  • Shen Period/3pm-5pm

Another period that is ideal for work or study is found in these two hours that are the best hours for concentration. All nutrients have been absorbed and fed to the brain here and attentiveness to detail is at its peak.

Suzy Stichbury
Suzy Stichbury


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