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Top 10 Marathon Tips to Get You Across the Line

by Suzy Stichbury August 05, 2016

Top 10 Marathon Tips to Get You Across the Line

When it comes to the day of your marathon you want to be sure you do everything right so you make it across the finish line. The following ten tips will ensure you finish the race and feel the elation of making it across that line. 

Top 10 Tips to get You Across the Line 

1. Practice, Practice, Practice 

You’ve obviously been training super hard, and the last couple weeks before the marathon should consist of disciplined practice. Start your training runs at the same time you know the race will start and record your times. If at all possible, run the same route you know the marathon will be so you know what to expect and when. 

2. Stay Hydrated 

Drinking plenty of water in the days leading up to your race will ensure your body has the proper hydration. Staying hydrated is one of the surest ways you will cross that line in your own perfect time.  

3. Stretch your Muscles 

Stretching on the days prior to the race as well as the morning before your race will aid in injury prevention and decrease muscle soreness. Stretching is excellent for runners and there are many yoga poses that are super beneficial to runners. A yoga sequence before the race will do wonders  for getting you across the line.  

4. Get Good Sleep The Night Before 

Good sleep is essential before marathon day. When your body is well-rested you will have the energy needed to run your course and come across the line with flying colors.  

5. Envision Success 

Visualisation is an excellent tool for athletic success. The night before, and the day of, the race, visualise your run and see yourself crossing the line.  

6. Stay Positive 

Keep your thoughts positive about the marathon you’re going to complete. When a negative thought about the race pops into your mind, quickly recognise it, and immediately cancel it out with a positive thought. Staying positive about finishing will greatly help your chances of crossing the line.  

7. Be Conscious of What you Eat 

Eat complex carbs and lean proteins on the days leading up to your race, and be sure not to introduce any new foods to your diet on the day of the race. Carbs will give you the energy you need while proteins will help ease recovery after the race is over.  

8. Schedule a Post-Marathon Massage 

Scheduling a massage for the day after your run is a great way to keep something to look forward to. Not only will it give you the drive to finish the race, but will be extremely welcoming to tired muscles. 

9. Take it Easy the Day Before 

Make sure not to overexert yourself the day before the race. It would be crazy to go into your marathon with tired or sore muscles, so make sure to take it easy the day prior to the big day. Some light stretching is really all that is necessary the day before a marathon. 

10. Have Fun! 

Running a marathon is supposed to be fun! Don’t let yourself get over-anxious and forget that having fun is what it’s all about. Enjoy what’s going on around you, the other participants, and the fact that you’re an integral part of the whole day. Before you know it, you’ll be across the line, smile on your face, and a huge accomplishment in your heart! 

Suzy Stichbury
Suzy Stichbury


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