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Aroma Yoga Chakra Oil

Aroma Yoga

  • Made by April Aromatics these chakra oils are available in 7 different blends - one for each of the different chakras, or energy centers of the body.

    Each chakra oil comes in 10ml roll-on bottle and include a combination of 10 essential oils with a golden jojoba oil base. Each chakra blendis infused with different crystals, bachflower remedies and the matching chakra color, that corresponds with the vibration of the specific chakra.

  • Chakra products can be used by yoga teachers, healing practitioners, massage therapists or individuals, who want to go deeper into opening up the chakra energy centers. Blends anointed to the energy points will help to activate and awaken the information stored within these centers.

    These seven compounds have been designed for application to the chakras but can also be used during an aroma yoga session, meditation or simply as a beautiful scent to wear while relaxing during the day. Buy it as a present for friends or family or keep it as a gift to yourself.

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