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Myescape and NZgirl Competition

by Suzy Stichbury April 21, 2012

Myescape and NZgirl Competition

Thanks for all the amazing entries into the competition we ran with NZgirl late last year. The prize was this great yoga outfit from Wellicious worth $260.00! We asked you to tell us what you do to escape and the responses were just so great we thought we would share a few of our favorite ones:

  • Go for a run in a scenic location, along a river, lake or by the sea, so relaxing (Jodie)
  • I love to go walking, the beach or the bush.  So peaceful, best place to relax and gather your thoughts (Pip)
  • Go jogging on the beach (Emma)
  • Go to my favourit place and run, run, run. Ever since September and our first big earthquake I've felt such an affinity with the park, and after February it was my way of keeping in touch with our city. I've run around it 3-5 ties per week for the past few months. (Antonia)
  • Go to the beach or for a walk (Tanya)
  • Walking in my garden or on the beach is all it takes sometimes. But yoga is definately my saving grace. It helps me to stay grounded when all around is falling apart (Nicole, Taylors Beach)
  • Take a nice long walk in the Waitakere's (Laura, Auckland)
  • Read a book (Danielle, Christchurch)
  • Walk the dog (Nicky, Lower Hutt)
  • I have just started Hot Yoga and it is an amazing escape!!! Loving it! (Renee, Auckland)
  • Pack up my three children and a picnic and head off for a funny day at the beach.  We all come back reenergised and refreshed and relaxed kids means a relaxed mum. (Vanessa, Hamilton)
  • A good book in a quiet and shady but warm spot usually does the trick (Keri, Auckland)
  • Ballet Barre Pilates is my escape (Sarah, Waikanae Beach)
  • Draw a hot bath, play some music and sink away (Jess, Wellington)
  • Sneak off to bed early to escape form the kids, dog, cats and hubby :-) (Rebecca, Dunedin)
  • Bury myself in a great book (Meredith, Christchurch)
  • I read books and relax (Judy, Auckland)
  • I love to jog along the waterfront with my ipod up loud! (Natalie, Auckland)
  • Turn off the phone, light some candles and watch my favourite movie/tv show (Selina, Auckland)
  • Go Surf Casting (Charlotte, Ngatea)
  • My escape is to read a book (Fiona, Hamilton)
  • Nice hot bath with bubbles, glass of wine and a good book (Michelle, Auckland)
  • Grab my friends and we spend the day laxing out iwth a coffee and a gossip session (Tiara, Hastings)
  • My escape is going for a swim at the local pools (Juliet, Auckland)
  • I take my dog to the park for a run (Jamielee, Hastings)
  • Spend time in the garden with my pets (Clare, Auckland)
  • To escape and find the time for myself I try and catch a yoga class (Stephanie, Taupo)
  • I like to take my little boy and go for a walk around the park (Angela, Auckland)
  • I love going to a dance class at the gym (Sonya, Auckland)
  • my escape is doing tai Chi on my deck (Sarah, Wellington)
The winner of the competition is Clare from Auckland who likes to escape by spending time in her garden with her pets.  Congratulations!  I hope you enjoy wearing your new Wellicious yoga pants and comfort top!
NZ Girl and Myescape Competition Prize

Suzy Stichbury
Suzy Stichbury


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