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Bodhi Collective Meraki Mat Towel

Bodhi Collective

  • Our quick dry yoga towel designs will show the world who you really are. We believe that your yoga towel should be an extension of your personality.
  • You may be drawn to this towel for the way its colours make you feel. Blue holds the symbolic meaning of peace and tranquility. It represents trust and harmony, whilst offering a calm energy. Pink offers tenderness and love. It recognises softness, femininity and the colour of your heart chakra.
    • Extra long at 183cm x 61cm wide x 0.5mm thickness and super lightweight. Perfect for packing in your luggage whilst travelling or taking to the beach.
    • Luxurious vegan suede microfiber material that feels super soft pressed against your body. Thick enough that it lays flat but not too thick that it weighs heavy.
    • A 100% natural and biodegradable textile that absorbs your sweat so you don’t have to.
    • Completely odourless and absolutely no harmful toxins, chemicals or plastics. You can be assured that your practise remains as authentic as you with a yoga towel that supports both your practice and our planet simultaneously.
    • A great solution to dressing up a bland mat that you’re still so attached to and extending its lifetime a little while longer. No need for a new mat when you have a new yoga towel to fit snug over the top.
    • Especially practical for excessive sweaters. Get longer wear out of your mat by using your towel to absorb your sweat before your mat does.
    • To Clean:
    • Machine wash on cold. Hang to dry (recommended) or tumble dry on low setting.
  • Bodhi Collective focus on every step of their yoga towels journey. From the biodegradable materials, planet friendly inks and manufacturing processes, they are committed to being socially and environmentally conscious. Bodhi Collective support sustainable techniques and processes to better our Mother earth. The towels are designed whilst carefully considering the environment by eliminating the need for toxins or chemicals. Bodhi Collective always take pride in ensuring our towels are packaged in eco friendly boxes, whilst avoiding plastic packaging at all costs. 

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