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Holistic Silk Lavender Eye Pillow

Holistic Silk

  • A sweet smelling organic seed & lavender filled, silk eye pillow which places a soft relaxing weight on tired eyes, blocking light and easing tension.
    • This beautiful silk eye pillow is carefully filled with real lavender flower and organic seeds.
    • When worn, it rests comfortably on your face on the acupressure points for clarity and calm so it’s instantly soothing.
    • We like to use it to block out light, induce sleep and silence a busy mind. Many believe it also relieves headaches, eye-strain, sinus pain and hangovers. Plus has the added benefit of reducing dark circles and puffy eye eyes. Can also be used to enhance relaxation in the savasana pose in yoga or when meditating.
    • Begin by gently rolling the Eye Pillow between your hands to release the relaxing fragrance then gently place the pillow over your eyes.
  • Sponge clean with a damp cloth.

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