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Manduka Mat Wash Renew - 8OZ


  • Manduka’s Mat Renew is a certified organic cleaning solution with essential oils specially formulated to keep your yoga mat clean, disinfected and smelling fresh.
  • It's biodegradable, phosphate and alcohol free and doesn't contain any other drying ingredient that will degrade your yoga mat.
  • This all purpose cleaner naturally disinfects and leaves your yoga mat smelling fresh with aromatic essential oils. Recommended for all Manduka PRO Series mats.
    • 6 lbs; Capacity 8 oz
    • All Purpose Yoga Mat Cleaner – Recommended for all Manduka PRO Series mats
    • Naturally Disinfects (Anti-bacterial)
    • Neutralises hard water
    • Positively charged cationic surfactants to attract & bind dirt
    • Contains essential oils with natural germicidal and mood-enhancing properties
    • Biodegradable 
    • Certified Organic 
    • Phosphate-Free 
    • Chemical-Free
    • Alcohol free
    • Tranquil Lavender: Light, Fresh, & Calming. Contains Lavender essential oil. Relaxing, reduces anxiety, nervousness, headaches and restlessness. 
    • Energizing Gingergrass: Radiant, Warm & Earthy. Contains Geranium Rose, Clary Sage and Gingergrass essential oils. Reduces stress and energises the mind. 
    • Soothing Citrus: Citrus, Sweet & Floral. Contains Bergamot, Frankincense, and Patchouli essential oils. Emotionally uplifting, reduces tension and anxiety.
    • Everyday cleaning: Spray approximately 20 pumps directly onto mat. Wipe mat with a damp cloth. Air dry before rolling and using.
    • Deep Cleaning: Spray approximately 55 pumps directly onto mat and let soak for 3-5 minutes. Use a damp cloth and scrub the surface to remove dirt and stains. Wipe mat down with a clean cloth. Air dry before rolling and using
  • Manduka Mat Renew cleaning solution contains no harmful chemicals or toxic cleaning agents. It is 100% biodegradable. The bottles are made from PETR with 25% post consumer recycled plastic, and are recyclable once they have been used. Small family run essential oil supplier participates in supporting and educating for sustainable farming in various countries internationally.

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